CATERPILLARS: AGES 2.5-3.5 (in the fall)

Tuesday, Thursday from 8:30-12:30

GRASSHOPPERS: AGES 3.5-5 (in the fall)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30-12:30

Thursday from 1:00-4:00

We balance the day with a predictable schedule to promote confidence and security but with enough flexibility to meet individual needs.

  • 8:30 Explore/Play
  • 9:15 Circle time (greeting, song, literacy)
  • 9:30 Snack/Potty
  • 9:45 Books
  • 10:00 Outside
  • 11:00 Circle time (math, yoga, Spanish)
  • 11:10 Works
  • 11:50 Lunch
  • 12:15 Outside
  • 12:30 Adios

*Kara-Lee from Colibri Yoga teaches yoga to each class, each week.

“I love the teaching team at Sprout! I am constantly amazed by the attention and focus each teacher gives to each child, and the engaging, interesting activities that you all provide, while maintaining a calm environment in what I’ve heard best described as the “controlled chaos” of the classroom. Highly commendable!”